Welcome to the DMV Enlightened!

What is Ingress?

Ingress is a fusion of "Augmented Reality Gaming" and "Massively Multiplayer Gaming" developed by Niantic Labs (a spinoff of Google). It is currently available for both the Android and iOS platforms, and won the 2013 Google Play Player's Choice Top Game award.

With Ingress, the world itself is your board game. It has been compared to a combination of capture the flag, geocaching, and the board game Risk. You will explore your hometown, the other side of the globe, and everywhere in between. You will defend your street, your city, and your planet. However, below this surface is a great social experience.

Ingress is being played globally in almost every country and on every continent, including Antarctica, by over a million people. Ingress has a complex storyline, revealed only to those who play the game. Become an agent and shape your destiny.

Who are the Enlightened?

The game divides players into two sides called "factions" - the Enlightened (green) and the Resistance (blue). We are the Enlightened and are recruiting players in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. We seek to harness the power of Exotic Matter in order to open a new realm of awareness to mankind. We oppose the efforts of ADA and the Resistance to fuse all of humanity together into a single robotic hivemind. Join us to claim humanity's destiny, and seek the power that has inspired human art, culture, and civilization since the beginning.

What is the DMV Enlightened?

The DMV Enlightened is our local team, hundreds of active players who battle every day to control the greater DC/MD/VA area.

What should I be doing?

First, install Ingress and choose the Enlightened Faction when prompted.
Second, install Telegram. This is the tool that our area uses for secure communication.
Third, Go and have fun Enlightening the world!

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Ingress essentials:

The essential objective of Ingress is to go to and interact with places using the Ingress application. Once you arrive at a location, you use the Ingress application on your smartphone to view the augmented reality of the world around you. The specific location you need to interact with will be shown on your phone as a "portal".

What is a portal?

Portals can be anything from historical markers, to works of art, to public buildings like libraries and post offices. Generally, any point of interest in the real world can be a portal.

How do I play?

Like most games, Ingress has a tutorial built in. Follow the starting tutorial to learn how to interact with portals and learn the game mechanics.

You will start as a level 1 player. By interacting with the portals you will be able to advance in levels and unlock new gear. Currently level 16 is the highest level.

As with many games, every player has an energy bar. Energy in Ingress is referred to as Exotic Matter or XM. XM exists everywhere and is shown as small white dots on the ground in the Ingress application. XM is collected passively by simply traveling around your area. Almost every action in the game requires the use of XM.

In order to get items to use in the game, a player has to visit portal locations in the real world. Using the game application to "hack" the portals, the player receives in-game items to use.

When starting out you will be low on resources. Seek out unclaimed gray portals and travel to those portals in order to claim them. Claiming these portals, then linking and fielding them is the fastest way for a new agent to gain the experience needed to fight back against stronger opposition. You can also link and field from green portals that were claimed by other members of the team.

Additionally, there is a website which displays a map, much like Google Maps, that shows a greater overview of your area at https://intel.ingress.com/intel. You can use it to plan your moves.

The social aspect:

The game can be highly social despite the competitiveness of the two opposing factions. We, the Enlightened, host many happy hours, cooperative builds, and other social events. Invitations go out through the chats mentioned above. Join us by creating your account on enl.io and join the DMV.

Ingress is also a great opportunity for networking. Teamwork and cooperation are part of the game mechanics. A player can accomplish some things on their own; however, they will be limited in what they can achieve compared to a group of players performing the same actions.

The game is played at your own pace. Players range from the casual socialite to the hardcore gamer. Most people incorporate the game into their commutes, lunch hours, and overall lifestyles to some extent; there may be a dozen portals along the path you take while walking your dog. Ingress encourages activity and movement. Biking, jogging, walking, and even driving to portal locations are all acceptable ways to play the game.

How do I talk to my team?

To start, use the Faction COMM channel. Place an @ sign in front of a player's name to send a message that will alert them (rather like Twitter.) "All" COMM is insecure, and is both full of garbage and watched by the other team.

DMV Enlightened uses Telegram and GroupMe to communicate securely.

Most all communities use some communication form outside of Ingress comms, but not all use the same. Slack, Hangouts, Discord, and Line are also regularly used.


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