ENL.IO Shutdown Details

Why is enl.io shutting down?

ENL.IO was created six years ago to fill a need to make it easy for Ingress players to join their local community chats while still having those chats provide protection from unwanted members. At the time, no chat platform provided any such capability. However, chat applications have since become much more capable, reducing the need for enl.io.

In addition, Niantic recently announced that any players lower than level 8 would not be able to post in COMM via Intel, which is exactly how enl.io was designed to verify new players. With no easy way to verify new players, the platform has become more of a burden than a benefit to most.

Therefore, we are shutting down enl.io in the near future, and chats are being transferred to new owners.

How does the shutdown affect me?

Members: Most users will not notice much of a difference in their chats. The owner will change and the Jarvis bot will disappear, but otherwise you can continue chatting as normal. Your community leaders and chat owners should be able to provide more information on how they will handle the chat membership for each chat.

Chat owners: You will want to disconnect the chat(s) from your group on enl.io as soon as possible. This can be done by opening the group page, selecting Admin in the header, and then selecting Edit Group. When you select Remove for a chat, you will get an option to transfer the chat to yourself, rather than deleting the chat completely. We will reach out to any remaining chats in the coming months to work on transferring them, or otherwise deleting them if there is no response.

Community leaders: You are free to keep using your chats as you see fit. GroupMe has added options to make a chat "Closed", and has invite links. Telegram also allows you to prevent members from adding new members, and has invite links you can share. However, for a holistic platform that can most closely replace the functionality of enl.io, we recommend Discord. It not only collects all your chats into a single organized "server", but also has a robust permissions structure, voice channels, and a good API for added features. Please reach out to the people who helped set up your community on enl.io if you need any help migrating.

What if I have more questions?

We're happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please inquire in one of our help chats (GroupMe or Telegram) so we can get you an answer.